08 July 2008

Wanted: Entrepenurial Filmmaker

Still taking applications . . .

I am currently seeking someone to work with on a very unique history related documentary. The qualifications I am seeking are:

  1. Must possess the equipment to film and produce HD quality work suitable for broadcast.
  2. Must have a passion for history and truth.
  3. Must be willing to work as a “partner” and share in costs as well as profits.

Amateurs as well as professionals are invited to contact me but please, SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. (College and homeschooled students are also encouraged to apply.)

Send email to address in left sidebar or on my profile page.


mannie said...


On this subject, I'm curious as to whether or not you received my June 23 email.

Mannie Gentile

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hey Mannie. Yes, I did and I replied - did you not receive my reply? Anyway, I saved your information but have not made up my mind as to what to do yet. I'd like to have a good pool of "applicants" before I decide.

Thanks for checking back. I'll announce here if and when I make up my mind.