14 July 2008

New Project

I'm currently working on a project for the Waynesboro Heritage Museum which is located in my hometown of Waynesboro, Virginia. I've taken a piece I wrote for the local paper (which commemorated the 140th anniversary of the Battle of Waynesboro) and had it formatted into a booklet with appropriate artwork and images (Thanks to fellow blogger and author, Michael Aubrecht!). Our local paper originally ran the article on the front page in March of 2005 and I received a lot of compliments on the piece.

The board of directors for WHM met last week and was most enthusiastic about my idea and the rough draft that Michael put together for us. I hope to have the final edited version sent to Michael by week's end and then off to the printer the following week. I'll see if Michael will post a link to the pdf on his blog. (Michael . . . ?)

Our plan is to initially print 500-1000 of these booklets and give them away to tourists and visitors to the Plumb House and the WHM with sponsors paying the cost of printing. While on the subject of cost, are there any fellow Civil War authors out there interested in a business card size ad? The price will probably be around $50-$100. This is a great way to support local historic preservation and to reach folks that are specifically interested in the Civil War. These will be keepsake/souvenir booklets and hopefully be passed on to other readers.

(BTW, if you need graphics or layout work, I highly recommend Michael. He's done other projects for me and his product is always eye-catching and professional.)


Michael said...

My pleasure Richard. I'll post the final PDF when its edited, or do you want me to post the draft version? Let me know.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Michael. Just wait until we have the final edition up.