31 July 2008

A Nice Note of Encouragement

Dear Mr. Williams,

I very much enjoy reading your "Old Virginia Blog" every few days for its excellent content and insight. In my view, your response to Peter Carmichael is right on target.

My Civil War blog, "Go Where The Fire Is Hottest", has been "coming-up-to-speed" over the past few months and I'm finding that it is an interesting process.

I had taken the liberty of adding a link to your blog a few weeks ago due to my own enjoyment of it . . . and didn't think to get your permission before I did so.

If my link is a problem, please let me know and I will remove it. Thank you.

David H. Jones
Author of Two Brothers: One North, One South*

David H. Jones was born and raised in West Virginia and has been a lifelong student of the Civil War. His research took him into the swamps of Dinwiddie County, Virginia, to rediscover the lost location where a pivotal event in the book took place. A graduate of Kentucky Military Institute and Babson College, former Navy officer, and entrepreneur, he currently lives and writes in Los Angeles, California.

*I have a copy of David's book in my library now, but have yet to get to it. I hope to do so soon.

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