09 August 2008

Battle of Waynesboro Booklet

This past Friday, I finally completed a booklet which tells the story of the Battle of Waynesboro. The booklet will be published in cooperation with the Waynesboro Heritage Foundation, Inc. and distributed free to visitors to the Waynesboro Heritage Museum and the Plumb House. My family and ancestors have special ties to that battle and the land upon which it was fought. Waynesboro being my hometown, this project was especially gratifying; even though it was done pro bono.You can view and read the booklet in pdf here. Thanks to fellow Civil War blogger and author Michael Aubrecht for assisting with layout and design.

Thanks to fellow Civil War blogger and author Robert Moore as well for reviewing the essay for accuracy and suggesting a couple of corrections for clarity.


Skip Haynes said...

Even though it's not about a land ballte, you still might find this interesting. Check out http://www.petcds.com/Hunley.htm “The H.L. Hunley Era” – Music, songs and atmosphere of the South during the Civil War. Very authentic and true to history – musically speaking

Douglas Hill said...

Great job on the booklet, Rick. Much enjoyed!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Doug.