05 August 2008

This Should Be Interesting

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War by H.W. Crocker, III (Regnery Publishing ~ available October 21, 2008). Harry is a friend who helped me get a foothold in my writing "career." His writing is always penetrating and drives the cultural Marxists up the wall.

I'm confident he will do the same with this newest book in the very popular "P.I.G." series.

Get ready for the arrows Harry. I'm sure you'll deflect them handily with your brilliance and grace.



Kevin M. Levin said...

Richard, -- In all honesty do you really consider this type of book to be an example of serious critical history? By the way who are these "cultural Marxists" that you are referring to? I would love to meet one.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

It's not meant to be Kevin, at least not in the sense you're speaking. The PIG series are meant to ridicule and question much of the PC nonsense in American culture. Though I've only read two or three of them, the books are known to be, for the most part, factual and thought provoking and challenge readers not to "open wide and swallow" just because a college professor or the media says so. They promote what I believe is a "healthy distrust" for some of the blabber that passes for scholarship and truth in America.

Some would simplify their message like this:

"Question Authority" (Especially when that authority seeks to rob you of your liberties)

But they certainly would not pass the screening process for the Harvard University Press. :)

Billy Yank said...

I have not read the book, but I take issue with the last bullet on the cover about Cuba. Remember, Cuba was an interest to the south in order to gain more land for slavery and to gain Cuba's slaves.

Does not sound like the moral high ground to me.

Billy Yank

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

And I suppose the North was taking the "moral high ground"?