19 September 2008

History & Politics

I was recently "unlinked" from another history blog due to my "right-wing" slant on history. That's perfectly fine as there are links I refuse to include on my blog due to their "left-wing" slant. My "About Me" description makes no bones as to what this blog is about and the perspective that can be expected. I am an unapologetic Southern writer and I write from a conservative, Christian worldview.

That being said, I found this blog post most interesting and relevant; given this list. More to come on this subject after the election.


Kevin said...

Hey Richard, don't worry as my blog was also recently taken off another site's blogroll because of a few political posts, which I eventually took down.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hello Kevin. I have no problem with it. We all have the guaranteed right of free speech in the United States (at least for now), but no guaranteed right to be heard.