08 September 2008

Our 2nd Civil War?

"So great is this gulf between the Traditionalists and the Left-Wing Liberals -- and so irreconcilable are the differences -- that our decades-long political struggle has amounted to a kind of second Civil War. And for several years now, it's been a stalemate. This is why so many elections are so close, why so many Supreme Court decisions are split 5-4, and why we've been unable to act decisively on any of the issues that confront us - the war, the economy, energy, healthcare, border control, immigration, and all the rest."

Read this fascinating and insightful piece at the American Thinker here.

**Update: This "2nd Civil War" is also being waged in modern historiography, though there are those who want us to believe their views are non-political and based on pure, unbiased academic research. Uh huh. See: "Historians for Obama."

And then there is this oh so predictable, quintessential, cliched, canned opinion from the academic left at History News Network:

"The McCain Palin Ticket Appeals to a Powerful Strain of Anti-Intellectualism in American Society"

Fine. Then the Obama-Biden ticket appeals to a "powerful strain of intellectual elitists" in American Society.

Works for me.

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