09 September 2008

You Want To Talk To Me!?

I have been contacted by the BBC with an interview request regarding "religion in US Society." Specifically, the BBC wants to talk to me about "faith and values in small town, rural America" and its impact on the presidential election.

For those of you who think blogging has little impact, this contact came about due to someone with the BBC finding my blog. They called my commentary interesting. I'll bet.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to make time for them, but I'm fascinated (not flattered) by the fact they want to talk to me as a result of my blog.

We'll see.

**Update: I've decided against granting an interview with the BBC - for 2 reasons which I'll comment on later. I did answer a few questions for about 10 minutes with the gentleman on the phone and referred them to others I believe would fit the bill. I'll also disclose that interesting conversation later.

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