25 October 2008

Don't You Dare Question Me

Wow! A media person who actually does her job! This is an amazing video. Finally, someone willing to ask the same type of tough questions routinely asked of conservative candidates. Both camps should be asked the tough questions, but Ole' Joe Biden doesn't seem to know quite how to handle this tough lady. He's used to being questioned by those who have man-crushes on him and get tingles up their leg. I suspect Ole' Joe may have had a trickle down his leg about half-way through this interview.

He got his wittle feelwins hurt and canceled a follow up interview with his wife. Awww, poor, poor Joe. If Biden can't take some tough questions from a female reporter, how is he going to stand up to the international thugs that want to destroy us? Come on Joe, man up. Take some of those hair plugs out of your head and put them on your chest.


Anonymous said...

Biden: "He is not spreading the wealth around."

But that is exactly what Obama said.

Country Girl said...

I am amazed by the Obama campaign's response to this interview. (BTW the same reporter interviewed Sen. McCain yesterday and also asked tough questions.) I would think that Senator Obama would want to respond, "I want Barbara West interview me. I'm ready for the tough questions." But...I guess he is no more ready to answer tough questions than he is ready to lead our country.
I sent an email to the TV station congratulating them on the interviews.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I agree, though, on balance McCain/Palin have already been asked much tougher questions than those posed to Biden/Obama.

Thanks for your input.