13 October 2008

How Courageous

Obama wants to send our mothers, daughters, and sisters to fight in combat roles. What a man.


Gil said...

I served 31 years in the US Navy and I can't tell you how much the idea of drafting women disgusts me. It undoes Biblical role of protector and nuturer that served so well for millenia. As a practical matter, the presence of women on combat ships has added immensely to the burden that leaders carry and degraded combat effectiveness. Any officer still on active duty, who hopes for promotion, must deny that but I saw it myself and hear regularly from collegues whose tales begin, "You won't believe this...." Obama, like militant feminists, doesn't see military service as service. They see it as a bag of benefits that must be distributed equally.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

My son served on the Eisenhower. Most Americans would not believe some of the things that went on there.

Drafting women IS disgusting and outrageous and, in my opinion, cowardly.

Douglas Hill said...

Boys, boys, come on now, don't be so resistant to cultural change; Ms. Ginsburg herself can tell you how important it is.
The list of problems of women in combat roles is longer than your arm; the problems of gender norming stateside are no less significant, if not as graphically horrendous. The problems incurred with the introduction of women to VMI, The Citadel, etc. have been admirably handled, except by the press which predictably made the most of them to impress what horrible creatures males are. Of course gender norming in society has given us unisex restrooms, defeminizing tattoos on women (who don't seem to care to be confused with ladies) and earrings in the earlobes of men.
The beard I wear serves as an outward sign to the world that I suffer no confusion as to my sexuality. I consider shedding it on occasion, and Rick should I do so, I don't want you wondering if I'm trying to get in touch with my "feminine side".