02 October 2008

Irony, Christianity & Our National Anthem

"I don't believe there are any new objections to be discovered to the truth of Christianity, though there may be some ... in presenting old ones in a new dress. My faith has been greatly confirmed by the infidel writers I have read: and I think such would be their effect upon anyone who has examined the evidences. Men may argue ingeniously against our faith, as indeed they may against anything - but what can they say in defense of their own - I would carry the war into their own territories, I would ask them what they believe." ~ Francis Scott Key

And . . .

"No specific charges were ever levied against Key's grandson. The editor's offense was simply that he had dared criticize President Lincoln. Thus, some of the liberties Francis Scott Key had enjoyed and had written about so eloquently had been lost in just one generation."

Read "the rest of the story" (by yours truly) here in Thursday morning's Washington Times.

Did Key "wear his religion on his sleeves" or was he simply exercising his Christian faith consistently in the public square?

(The timing of this piece is quite Providential.)

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