20 October 2008

The Left Can't Tolerate Dissent

Why? Because their kooky ideas can't stand up to honest debate. Their solution? Quash dissent, debate, and conservative opinion - just like they do on most college campuses with political correctness. Cowards. Story here.

I can only smile as I predict a huge backlash.

"Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall." Proverbs 16:8


Anonymous said...

"The only freedom of speech a Liberal is for is HIS freedom of speech"

Gil said...

I thought dissent was "the highest form of patriotism."

Texas Guy said...

I am a young southerner in Texas (camp 1648 Arlington). Love the blog. I was on Civil War Memory, and I was thinking is this the stuff I'm going to hear in collage? Thanks for your work!
John Sims

border ruffian said...

Texas Guy-
"I am a young southerner in Texas (camp 1648 Arlington). Love the blog. I was on Civil War Memory, and I was thinking is this the stuff I'm going to hear in collage? Thanks for your work!
John Sims"

Leftists do not tolerate ideas contrary to their own.

Anyone who challenges KL on his 'Civil War Memory' blog usually ends up banned.

Robert Moore said...


Left, right, or in between is irrelevant. If you actually provided feedback with substance and not hollow history and rants, the reaction would be different.


I wonder, considering the absence of any response by you to Sims' comment, if you have not only answered my question, but revealed both motivation and objective. I see from Sims' response, you've not only convinced someone that the academy is liberal but have set the stage for him to be suspect of any history courses that he may take. I don't see the benefit of forming apprehension and suspicion before even entering into the classroom.

You told me not to take your remarks so personally, but your actions give me good reason for serious concern over what you are saying.


Think for yourself. Try the academy and if you disagree, don't only stick it out, but learn how to formulate strong, well-developed arguments with solid evidence to show that the academy is wrong.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...


Bloggers do not routinely respond to every comment. So what? Like you, I think John is probably smart enough to figure things out for himself and develop his own points of view based on fact.

Thanks for your concern, nonetheless.

All the best,


Robert Moore said...


Bloggers may not comment on everything, but you are formulating an accusation that is potentially volatile. I think your political leanings have too much bearing on your take on the history of the war that happened almost 150 years ago. As one who has been in the academy for sometime, I find these accusations not only wrong but aggravating. You have brought forward an issue, in which you believe. Yet, you do not respond to questions about your theory. You roll out theory from old sources, sources that are questionable and clear in their agenda, to support your point, but you aren't citing specific examples of how your point is valid. Give us specific examples of the multitude of attacks by academic liberals against, for example, the legacy of the Confederacy. Show us works and practices in the halls of academia.

You say, for example, the South is the last bastion of Judeo-Christian conservatism. (Is Judeo-Christian conservatism the only type of conservatism?) That is one thing. Yet, you take it further. You form a series of connections. The South = the last bastion of Judeo-Christian conservatism. The legacy of the Confederacy = The South. Since the legacies of the Confederacy (symbology and heroes) are under attack, the South is under attack, and therefore the last bastion of Judeo-Christian conservatism is under attack. You've wrangled a lot into the package and it is misrepresentative of the South as a whole. Worse yet, you are presenting a theory that liberalism is at the spearhead of the movement (and your scare tactics are at work, either reinforcing beliefs or forming new ones, in people like your reader, John). In your theory, you conveniently lay aside any thought of the South and Southern culture being more than the legacy of the Confederacy.