20 October 2008

Man of the Year Contest

A blog/site I read every day: *The Art of Manliness, is sponsoring, along with Old Spice, a "Man of the Year Contest." They are now taking nominations. I encourage you to visit and nominate someone worthy - your father, son, brother, teacher, pastor, friend, co-worker, etc. Look at the qualifications first though as they tend to narrow your choices. Just what type of man are they looking for?

"The First Annual Art of Manliness Man of the Year Award sponsored by Old Spice seeks to find the man who represents what’s best in men; men who do the right thing, even when it’s not convenient; men who work hard and never complain; and men who are loyal to their friends and family. In today’s celebrity focused world, these type of men sadly go unrecognized . . . We’re looking for men who epitomize the manliness that used to exist before the arrival of metrosexual pretty boys. Examples of the type of manliness we’re talking about include men like Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. Men like your grandpa. These men knew what it meant to be a man. They understood things like hard work, responsibility, and looking out for others. They lived by a code of honor and respect for others. Sadly, many of today’s men lack these attributes. But we know there are men still out there like this. Our goal is to find them and honor them."

As an aside, I have used Old Spice cologne and after shave since I was a teenager - many, many moons ago. You may ask how that happened? Glad you asked. When I first started courting, I was at an age when I spent a lot of time at my grandfather's home. He used Old Spice and it was cheaper to use his than buy my own. I grew to like it and never stopped using it. My wife loves it, my children call it "old man stuff." I'll take that.

*I've been invited to write something for the Art of Manliness as a guest post which will appear some time next week. Stay tuned.

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