28 October 2008

Man Up

. . . by reading some good advice from Robert E. Lee here.


Miles said...

I was first introduced to Robert E. Lee's writings when I was growing up in South Carolina. This knowledge was furthered while I was in college as a member of the Kappa Alpha Order. Now, as a practicing attorney in New Orleans, I constantly strive to be a Southern Gentleman in all that I do. I was excited to see General Lee as the topic of a post on The Art of Manliness but was horribly disappointed by the cheap shot taken at attorneys in general. I must say it goes against everything you espoused in your article. To blanket all attorneys as a "demeaning example" is as far from an action that Lee would take as I can imagine.

Not to worry, I, and my fellow attorneys will survive yet another slight. I would ask, however, that you seriously consider who you are purporting to write under the guise of before resorting to name calling and petty lawyer jokes.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Dear Miles:

Please accept my apologies. Your advice and point is well taken.

Thank you for the civil rebuke.

All the best,