27 October 2008

More On Academic Bias

"Liberalism is, in practical terms, a parasitic worldview, and the universities provide a perfect field of potential hosts.

'Most of our students come in as good Republicans, but that’s just because they’re ignorant. We change that.' – A distinguished professor of history

For the last decade or so, the general public has been regularly briefed on the fact that our universities, particularly the public ones, aren’t the places of balanced intellectual pursuit that they pretend to be. Yet study after study, report after report, and experience after experience argue the opposite . . . "

So says Dr. Brian Melton

**Update: It's almost embarrassing to witness some deny the mountain of evidence and widely accepted fact that liberal bias in academia impacts the teaching of history and interpretation. Absolutely jaw-dropping amazing. Are these folks in denial or really that insulated from reality? I read a criticism on another blog regarding the fact that the above reference quote is not sourced. That's a fair criticism and I expected it. All I can say is that the professor who shared the quote wanted to remain anonymous. Given the subject matter, that's understandable. Nonetheless, the particular professor who shared what another professor told him is well known and respected in academia and a proven Civil War scholar. For what it's worth, you have my word on that.

**Update 2: Kevin Levin has made this false claim ad nauseum: "Williams has never been able to cite evidence of such a movement within the halls of academia." Lord have mercy, how much evidence does he need? There are mountains of evidence supporting my claim, and I've cited some of it many, many times. Mr. Levin just chooses to ignore it. I wonder why he doesn't respond to these other academics and students' claims of liberal bias impacting academia?

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