28 October 2008

Shhh...This Is A Secret (To Some)

Need more evidence of leftist ideology impacting the classroom? Ok, for the fearful among us, I offer:

Educational Biases :

"It should concern everyone that our students, and we as a society, seemingly have little choice but to accept that our schools are dominated by leftist teachers promoting their own agendas. It is no longer a grand secret that many public and private universities are awash in military-demeaning, left-leaning, inculcating faculty and receptive students . . . Even the staunchest naysayer would have major difficulties debating this; the facts are overwhelming." (Facts do not matter to some.)

Intellectual Diversity :

"The proper conservative model of education is one which emphasizes classical liberal values, teaches a traditional canon of literature, and inculcates in students the principles of America's ordered liberty." So, conversely, what would be a proper "liberal" (leftist) model?

Learning How To Think :

"Students are simply inculcated with one-sided denigration of American history and of the Judeo-Christian principles that were the essential ethos of the society that wrote the Declaration of Independence and crafted the Constitution."

The Myth of the Religion Neutral Classroom

"Far from ensuring religious equality, the modern educational paradigm in fact promotes a secular humanistic atheism or agnosticism."

If that's not enough, in addition to all the previous evidence I've cited, just let me know. I'm happy to share information which will enlighten the uninformed and help those in denial throw off the shackles of the oppressive court historians. Do not fear the truth. Come to the light. ;)

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Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Hello there, my fellow God-fearing Confederate!

I found your blog via AoM. It looks like this is one blog I'm going to love.

You've been added to my blog roll and following list.