15 October 2008

Still Wanted: Entrepenurial Filmmaker/Investor

Still taking applications . . . I've still not found a good match for this project so . . .

I am still seeking someone to work with on a very unique history related documentary. The qualifications I am seeking are:

  1. Must possess the equipment to film and produce HD quality work suitable for broadcast.
  2. Must have a passion for history and truth and share the worldview of the producer/director (me).
  3. Must be willing to work as a “partner” and share in costs as well as profits.There is another option I am considering: Raising $15,000 from an investor(s). With that money, I can hire and/or purchase everything I need to produce, edit, and market the film.
I have *two successful films under my belt and am excited about this next project. The most recent film, Still Standing ~ The Stonewall Jackson Story, was released one year ago and has grossed well over $60,000 as of June this year. Not bad for a small independent film company on a very tight budget. No, that doesn't compare with the most recent Indiana Jones film, but then it didn't cost us $185 million to produce either. ; )

Still Standing is being sold in several well known Civil War museums, on Amazon, and on a number of Christian media and book outlet internet sites as well. Its available on Netflix. It has been broadcast on cable twice and is scheduled for several more broadcasts as well. We expect Still Standing to be a strong seller throughout the upcoming Sesquicentennial commemoration of the Civil War. As a matter of fact, we think we've only scratched the surface in both sales and broadcast opportunities. There is a huge market for unique documentaries; especially in the Christian history documentary genre. As film technology continues to revolutionize the industry, this market will only grow.

Will someone join me?

Amateurs as well as professionals are invited to contact me but please, SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. (College and homeschooled students are also encouraged to apply.) Send email to address in left sidebar or on my profile page.

*My first project (I worked as a co-producer) was an educational film which won a national award from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.

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