28 November 2008

Gift Suggestion For Men Of All Ages

A recent Amazon reviewer had this to say about my first book:

"There should be a class taught in school and this is the text. Too many children do not have a positive role model to teach these maxims. I personally like: 'The education of a man or woman is never completed until they die.' ~ Lee writing to son Custis, 5 December 1860."

Now in its 4th printing, this book was a Conservative Book Club selection. Purchase The Maxims of Robert E. Lee for Young Gentlemen here.

"A fine gift for a teenage son. Lee's words are in such contrast to today's selfishness and immorality." ~ Charley Reese

"The sayings and writings attributed to Lee or quoted by him are...useful and valuable...The book is nicely done." ~ The Civil War Courier, October 2005.

"Richard G. Williams, Jr. offers a sublime figure as counterpoint to the hedonistic 'heroes' of the instant gratification set...all ages will benefit from these selections...a wonderful self-help book of sorts...this reviewer applauds his efforts to bring to the vanguard a true, timeless role model." ~ Blue & Gray Magazine, Summer 2005.

"Must reading for all fathers and sons." ~ Conservative Book Club

"Inspiring and full of anecdotes and quotes, some long forgotten, that will guide men of all ages towards the lost are of being a gentleman."
~ Joseph Farah, WorldNetDaily.com

(A more detailed post on gift-giving suggestions will be coming soon. Buying from my suggested list will help you to avoid this madness.)


Stephen said...

I have re-posted your "Gift Suggestion" post on both the Confederate Colonel blog (http://www.confederatecolonel.com/blog/) and used it as the start of a "Gift Giving Suggestions" thread on the Confederate Colonel forum (http://www.confederatecolonel.com/forums/showthread.php?p=830#post830). If, for any reason, you would prefer that these be removed or modified, please let me know. Thank you.
Stephen Clay McGehee

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thank you Stephen.