06 November 2008

I Agree With Obama*

At least on this issue:

"Obama, who won the US presidential election Tuesday, said during his campaign that China's huge trade surplus with the United States was related to its manipulation of its currency. In a letter to the US National Council of Textile Organisations published last month, Obama called for China to change its foreign exchange policies to rely less on exports and more on domestic demand for growth."

*I've been criticized in recent months due to the increase in my political posts. First of all, nothing personal, but if you don't like that, don't visit. Secondly, read my header and the "about me" tag line. That's what this blog is about. No secret. Yes, the majority of my published writing is about the Civil War, a.k.a, War Between the States, a.k.a, The War for Southern Independence, etc., but the subject of my posts here range from family events, to cultural and political issues, to local history, to book comments as well. I have a lot of interests.

That being said, my posts in the coming days will be less about current politics and more about history. I do have one very long post I'm working on that will focus on the recent campaign and academic historians. I'm waiting first to see what an Obama administration looks like and what his first priorities and initiatives will be, so that might be a while coming. As we enter the holiday season, I tend to become more reflective and "home and family focused." That will also be evident in my posts in the coming weeks. Thanks to all the new readers I'm getting comments from and the increase in traffic I'm seeing.

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