18 November 2008

I Cannot Watch

Last night I watched a documentary about the JFK assassination on our local PBS affiliate, Ghost of Oswald or something like that. Anyway, I realized that I am still unable to watch the film clip showing the actual moment President Kennedy was shot in the head. I did catch a glimpse of that film when it was first released, but had to turn away. I still have to turn away.

There is just something very troubling about that moment to me--even beyond the fact he was President of the United States. I just can't stomach watching it. I cannot imagine the horror Kennedy's wife must have felt, as well as those close by. I somehow feel as if I'm being disrespectful or "reliving" something very painful if I watch that moment. Anyone else feel that way?

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Lawrence Underwood said...

Yes. I've seen violent death first hand. There is no reason to have it replayed ad infinitum. It does nothing other than trivialise his life and death.