12 November 2008

A Monumental Decision

The Supreme Court will be hearing arguments regarding statues/monuments of public property. This decision could have wide-ranging consequences regarding Civil War memorials and monuments. Keep an eye on this case.


Robert Moore said...

Noting the comment in the article about a possible monument to a British soldier... that's just another example of ignorance of our own history and what we already have.

They must not be aware that there are actually monuments to British soldiers from the Rev War... near, for example, Concord, Mass... not statuary, but monuments nonetheless (one on the opposite side of the famous Minuteman statue, across the Concord Bridge).

I personally didn't see anything wrong with the British dead being recognized. In fact, the guide at the national park center told me that there were several graves in the area but locals did not reveal the actual locations over concern about desecration.

Therefore, what is most concerning about this hearing is being uninformed in the decision, if one is made.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I agree Robert.