28 November 2008

A Stifling Facade

"Political correctness is a façade constructed in opposition to reality and sold as 'tolerance.' Because of this, its purveyors are given to moral relevance and all who reject it are branded as 'intolerant.' When properly implemented, it stifles our ability to think clearly." ~ A.W.R. Hawkins

Thank you Mr. Hawkins for a most precise description of the cancer of political correctness; a favorite target of mine here at the OVB. If you doubt what Mr. Hawkins says, try challenging modernity's view of Civil War "memory" (more aptly described as Civil War "forgetfulness").

By challenging PC orthodoxy, you will immediately subject yourself to ad hominem attacks from those whose agenda is driven by positive peer review and the need to be invited to the right conferences, seminars, etc. Of course, this is painting with a wide brush, I readily acknowledge that and realize there are exceptions, but overall, this is the current state of things.

Read the rest of Mr. Hawkins's piece here.

(Hat tip to reader Doug Hill.)

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