25 November 2008

Thanksgiving Traditions

This piece at the Art of Manliness is a very good one. I've been honored as a guest contributor on one occasion at AOM and have been invited to contribute some more pieces in the future. I hope to do so soon. (This is a site I visit often for the advice and wisdom offered. It is much needed in our increasingly feminized culture. No chauvinism, just good advice on being a gentleman; truly a lost art.)

Most families have their holiday traditions and, of course, our family is no different. Most of my family will be gathering at our Shenandoah Valley home Thanksgiving evening. We will eat (and eat), talk, laugh, give thanks to God, and pray for one another. May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving and may you all take the time to thank your Creator for His blessings upon your life.


Michael Aubrecht said...

Same to you and yours my friend.

CrazyOnYou said...

I discovered your blog from Art of Manliness and continue to enjoy a shared viewpoint. Thank you for being a reasoned and clearly articulated voice in a storm of political correctness and zero tolerance.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Crazy.