10 November 2008

Update & Another New Assignment Accepted

I've recently reviewed my traffic numbers and am pleased to see visits to my blog are running double what they were 12 months ago. Though still under what some other CW blogs are doing, the trend is definitely accelerating upward. And I'm pleased to announce that I've just accepted an invitation to be a contributor to another very popular Civil War Blog: The Civil War Gazette hosted by Kraig McNutt. More on that to come later.

As the Sesquicentennial is beginning to gear up in a lot of ways, I suspect the blogosphere will play an ever-growing role in the commemoration. I'm excited to be able to play a small part and look forward to the debates, discussions, and the sharing of information from the perspective of a Virginia traditionalist - no matter how "out of vogue" that becomes.

Also, after several false starts, I'm finally settling down to wrap up one book I've been working on and to begin another. Thanks to all the new readers who are visiting on a regular basis and to those who have shared their thoughts. As always, I welcome your comments.

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