01 December 2008

A Bleak Future

"Despite these high levels of dishonesty, these same kids have a high self-image when it comes to ethics."

Yes, the self-esteem gurus of modernity have done a fine job. Of course, this is the natural outcome of moral relativism. It would seem, day by day, we are seeing an accelerated breakdown of societal norms.

Sobering story here.


Texas Guy said...

Yet another reason to home school.

CrazyOnYou said...

The part of the article that sickened me was "these same kids have a high self-image when it comes to ethics."

What, exactly does self-image have to do with ethics? If something is right, it is right, and if it is wrong, it is wrong--how it makes me *feel* is not a matter for ethics. That's like comparing my ability to speak a language other than my own based on how it tastes to me. There simply is no logical connection between the two concepts.

The interesting thing is that the same folks who rail against "absolutist fundamentalism" when it comes to ethics realize instinctively that some absolutes do exists (otherwise they'd be walking off bridges to prove that gravity too was relative and subject to interpretation).

Of course these kids are dishonest. It's the only way that they can keep these illogical and inconsistent ideas within their minds. If there is no right and no wrong, no black and no white, but simply shades of grey that can be interpreted in whatever way benefits me most, then there is no such thing as truth and I can believe whatever makes me *feel* good.

I'm just glad that my electrician, my surgeon and my pastor all believe in absolutes. The consequences if they did not could be... disappointing.

Thank you again for your wonderful blog and insights.

I remain yours humbly,

Gilbert Marlowe

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thank you Gilbert for reading. You are "absolutely" right! Our Creator set the universe up to run by laws - absolutes - you can no more deny the law of sowing and reaping than you can deny the law of gravity.

Its ludicrous.