18 December 2008

A Giant Has Fallen

I was saddened to read of Paul Weyrich's passing. The man who was instrumental in founding The Heritage Foundation will be sorely missed. Though virtually unknown to many of the Bushie pseudo-conservative types, Weyrich laid the groundwork for much of the modern conservative movement. A committed Christian, I always enjoyed his keen insight regarding culture and politics in America and visited his Free Congress Foundaton site often. In recent years, Weyrich has been a "behind the scenes" kind of guy but have no doubt, his influence will be felt for years. He was a true-blue cultural conservative and a man who lived what he preached. He understood many of the problems of our times; perhaps as well as anyone alive. He leaves behind a wife, five children, and a number of grandchildren.


Charlie Fugate said...

That's the beauty of Paul's genius. Outside of those he directly helped get into public policy, the name Paul Weyrich is virtually unknown. God Bless Paul Weyrich.

Weyrich, Blackwell, Viguerie are all names of men who have influenced me. The neo-cons believe it has been their genius that delved into the mass based youth effort, or conservative broadcasting efforts and yes, conservative direct mail efforts.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

All men who we should look to today for examples of how to win the good fight.