02 December 2008

Remembering The Battle Of Franklin - Part 2

I highly recommend readers listen to part 2 of this Focus on the Family Broadcast about the Battle of Franklin. In a word, the conversation is excellent. Historian David Fraley does an absolutely superb job describing the brutal and sad carnage while weaving in anecdotal stories about the soldiers who fought there. It is truly superb. Also, Fraley and Dobson have a very interesting exchange about slavery's role in the Civil War. I must say I agree wholeheartedly with (most of) those comments and Dobson's conclusion; and stated the exact same thing in my book about Stonewall Jackson and his black Sunday school class.

Listen to the first program to get the full scope, but don't miss this second half.

(The image is of the Carter House which was at the center of the battle.)

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