12 December 2008

Slow Boiling The Frog

We've all heard the analogy of a frog being slow boiled in a pot. If you turn the heat up slow enough, he'll sit there until he's dead, but throw him into an already hot pot of water and he'd jump out. American culture is in the same predicament. Not too long ago, I had a very prominent university professor and historian say to me, "Name one way we are morally better, as a people, than we were 30 years ago."

Case in point: I cannot imagine, growing up in the 60's and '70's, hearing of blood-sucking (literally) teenagers forming a club and conspiring to murder one of the members' parents - brutally stabbing him repeatedly and leaving him to die. But that happened recently. No shock. No huge headlines. No outrage. No call for banning "Goth" clothing, etc in schools. Just a collective yawn.

My God, what have we become?

Story here.

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Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

So. Very. True.

Check out my latest blog post; now there's a real "Virginian." I'm trying to get enough votes for him to get the 2008 Man of the Year award with The Art of Manliness.