04 December 2008

Teach Your Son To Be A Man

"Whenever I’m watching a movie that hearkens back to a sepia tinted yesteryear, it isn’t the simpler times I long for so much as a return to the distant days when a man rose alongside the sunrise and was expected to give the daylight his best. Clothes were sharper, adolescence shorter, and the word man still deserving of the first spot in the word manners. Now it seems as if there is something *missing, something stripped from today’s men, besides their buttons and blazers . . ."

Read the rest of this excellent piece here.

*(Can anyone imagine a Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Jim Thorpe, or a Teddy Roosevelt sitting around in Bermuda shorts, saying, "Like, hey, man, I'm down with that" or "Dude, where's my Wii?" As the writer of this piece notes, American manhood has truly lost its way.)

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