24 January 2009

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From the Intellectual Conservative

1. How common were Catholic Europe's infamous witch-hunts and witch-trials? Not very. Norman Davies, the British historian, estimates that 50,000 died. Or, 125 a year (on average) over a four-hundred-year period.

2. Historically, Protestants targeted more than witches. They were also classier victims.

3. The feminist image of the "innocent" female witch isn't entirely accurate. Iceland's male witches, for instance, were also targets.

4. Religious wars are terrible. Still, atheistic communist governments kill more civilians in "peacetime."

5. "Make love not war"? Forget Iraq and Afghanistan. Sexually transmitted diseases steal more lives.

6. Mark Twain: "A southerner talks music."

7. New York City was America's slave capital.

8. Europeans didn't have to introduce slavery to North America. The natives already owned slaves.

9. Afro-Americans served in the Confederate armies.

10. Is the South primitive? "The oldest women's college and the first public university were founded in the South," states the history writer, Clint Johnson.

11. Sorry Gore. "The claim that medieval scientists and theologians believed the earth is flat was concocted in the nineteenth century," says Tom Bethell.

12. Was Galileo's 1623 book, The Assayer, really controversial? In any case, Pope Urban VIII sanctioned its publication.

13. The Bible doesn't state that the world is flat.

14. Is the "extinct" ivory-billed woodpecker refusing to join the green movement's extinction list? Fact is, some researchers believe that the Elvis of the Bird Kingdom is alive and well. Keep your eyes open birdwatchers.

15. Patrick Moore is a famous "global burning" skeptic – and the co-founder of Greenpeace International.

16. Hippocrates, the righteous pagan pro-lifer? Uh-oh. The Hippocratic Oath affirms: "I will not give a fatal draught to anyone if I am asked, nor will I suggest such a thing. Neither will I give a woman a means to procure an abortion."

17. Unhygienic Christians? L. Thorndike writes in The History of Medieval Europe that "such occupations as butchers were under strict hygiene regulation."

18. Many "filthy" Medieval towns were known for their public baths, fine wines and open blue skies, in the warming period.

19. Don't touch your toes! "The gymnasia (literally, 'places to be nude in') were at the heart of Greek political and cultural life," says Anthony Esolen.

20. Note to Rick Warren: The Crusades were defensive in nature – not offensive. Europeans didn't feel right about Islamists invading their lands first.

21. Good news for Al Franken. Historian Thomas E. Woods writes: "LBJ was thought to have lost his Senate race until he discovered that he received an additional 202 votes from a small precinct. Interestingly, they voted in alphabetical order!"

22. In Reagan's so-called "decade of greed" charitable giving grew significantly.

23. Also, under Reagan pro-family spending programs increased by – take a deep liberal breath – 18 percent.

24. Liberals are right to point out that JFK sold thousands of books – but his ghostwriters deserve the credit for his awards.

25. Conservatives are right to point out that JFK's dad, Joseph, purchased between 30,000 and 40,000 copies of his son’s book, While England Slept.

26. Vegetarians need hunters. Why do they think their supermarket carrots have no bite marks?

27. Priceless. "The National Rifle Association has twice as many members as the Sierra Club and Greenpeace combined," states Frank Miniter.

28. Statistics suggest that bicycling is more dangerous than hunting (for children).

29. "Not all hunters are men. A 2006 survey by the National Sporting Goods Association (NGSA) found that 72 percent more women are hunting with firearms today than just five years ago," says Miniter. Expect this figure to rise. Thanks to Obama gun sales are booming.

30. Many of the early settlers, from women to children, used firearms – made in the North.

(Acknowledgments: The above quotes and facts were taken from Regnery Publishing's bestselling Politically Incorrect Guide series. Thanks to Tom Bethell, Clint Johnson, Robert J. Hutchinson, Anthony Esolen, Frank Miniter and Thomas E. Woods)

Self-promotion: Yours truly is quoted in both The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South and The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War.

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