20 January 2009

Handpicked By CWPT

I suppose most bloggers wonder who, if anyone, pays any attention to what they're writing. That especially applies in the narrow field of Civil War blogging. Though my hit count has shown steady (albeit slow) growth over the last couple of years, I often wonder if anyone really notices what I write. It was therefore very gratifying to discover that my blog has been "noticed" by the Nation's preeminent Civil War battlefield preservationist organization - The Civil War Preservation Trust.

On page 8 of the Winter 2008 issue of CWPT's excellent publication, Hallowed Ground, there is a blocked piece of commentary titled: Join the Discussion - Website Exclusive. The text that follows says in part:

"Can't get enough of the Civil War on the web? CWPT has handpicked some of the internet's best blogs and forums for students of Civil War history. Visit http://www.civilwar.org/civilwarblogs/ to see our picks."

When you visit that link, you will find that there are currently 10 blogs and sites that CWPT has included as recommendations. I'm honored to find the Old Virginia Blog among this exclusive list. CWPT has this to say about my blog:

“Shenandoah Valley native Richard Williams maintains this lively blog with its focus on the Valley and its importance to the Civil War.”

Thank you CWPT. That one recommendation makes it all worth while. I hope readers will join me in supporting the worthy efforts of this great organization by becoming a member. I've been a member for about five years now. Please consider joining today.


Jubilo said...

Dear Sir,
I read you every day as I do Kevin the Carpetbagger just for the ying and yang effect ! Please feel lencouraged to continue your fine blog. If you do not write it, who will ?
cordially ,
David Corbett

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

YIN (Ying): Female : Earth, moonlight, darkness, quiet, decreasing, absorbing, receptive, winter, soft. Direction - North, Quality - Shady, Numbers - Even.

YANG : Heaven, sunlight, day, heat, motion, masculine, active, summer. Direction - South, Quality - Sunny, Numbers - uneven.

I trust I'm the Yang?