17 January 2009

Lee-Jackson Day In Lexington

Today's Lee-Jackson Day celebration in Lexington went very well. Though attendance was down a little bit compared to the last 2 years (I blame the cold and economy for that), we still had about 200 or so in attendance at Lee Chapel. (I skipped the ceremony at the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery this morning.)

After reading Michael Bradley's piece in North and South Magazine a while back (Read this previous post.), I decided to contact him and invite him to speak at today's service in Lee Chapel. Dr. Bradley graciously agreed. Before he spoke, Dr. Bradley had a book signing in the Lee Chapel Museum Shop. My daughter snapped this photo there. Its always good to see old friends each year, many who drive hours to attend the service. And, as always, the folks at Lee Chapel were most gracious in allowing our local SCV camp to use the chapel facilities. Just in case you've never visited, please do so if you're ever in the area. And don't forget to spend some time in the museum shop. They've got more good books on Lee and Washington concentrated in that little space than any place in the Old Dominion!

After the Lee Chapel service, about 100 folks had dinner (lunch for our Northern friends) at the historic Col Alto. I was accompanied by my lovely wife and one of my lovely daughters. While there, we enjoyed great food, fellowship and live bluegrass music. Ya shoulda been there!

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