13 January 2009

On Making Fun Of Politicians

"There's no trick to being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you." ~ *Will Rogers
*An interesting factoid about Will Rogers - he was the son of Clem Rogers, who served as one of Cherokee Confederate Stand Watie's cavalry scouts. Clem Rogers was also Cherokee. Also, Will Rogers once acted as "master of ceremonies" for a **rodeo and steer roping event staged for the United Confederate Veterans' reunion in Memphis in 1901. One source claims that there were over 100,000 veterans in attendance for that event.

** Speaking of rodeos, my youngest son (27) rode bulls for several years and was, at one time, Virginia state champion in his class. While bull-riding, he's broken his arm twice, the femur bone in his right leg once, his ankle once, and received 7 stitches in his head. Those aren't all his injuries, but those are the ones I can remember. Bulls don't like bullriders. He was finally convinced to try something safer, so he opted for bronco-busting. First ride out of the shoot he was thrown and broke his arm. He has a metal rod in that arm from a previous break and now a metal plate and 4 screws, along with a metal rod in his right leg. He decided that perhaps God does not want him to rodeo. The boy's a slow learner. (But I'm proud of him anyway.)

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