21 January 2009

Stonewall Jackson's Birthday Today

Chronology of Jackson's Life:

1824 - Born the third child of Jonathan and Julia Beckwith Neale Jackson on January 21 in Clarksburg, Virginia (now West Virginia).
1826 - Jackson’s father dies on March 26.
1830 - Jackson’s mother marries Blake B. Woodson. Thomas moves in with his step-grandmother, Mrs. Edward Jackson, and the rest of the family, including Uncle Cummins Jackson, at Jackson’s Mill near Weston, Virginia (now West Virginia)
1831 - Jackson’s mother dies on December 4.
1841 - Jackson is appointed constable of Lewis County, Virginia (West Virginia) on June 8.
1842 - Jackson is admitted to West Point on July 1.
1846 - Jackson graduates from West Point seventeenth out of a class of sixty with the rank of second lieutenant of artillery.
1847 - Fights in the Mexican War and is promoted to the brevet rank of major.
1848 - Stationed at Fort Hamilton, Long Island, New York. Jackson makes a public profession of faith in Christ and is baptized.
1850 - Transferred to various stations in Florida.
1851 - Appointed professor of artillery tactics and natural philosophy at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) in Lexington, Virginia. He reports to VMI on August 13. He becomes a member of the Lexington Presbyterian Church on November 22.
1853 - Marries Elinor “Ellie” Junkin, daughter of the Reverend Dr. George Junkin, president of Washington College.
1854 - Jackson’s wife, Ellie, along with their infant child, die during childbirth.
1855 - He begins his “Colored Sabbath-school” in the autumn.
1856 - Jackson tours Europe during the summer months.
1857 - Jackson marries Mary Anna Morrison on July 16.
1859 - Jackson leads a company of VMI cadets to Harpers Ferry and follows radical abolitionist John Brown to the gallows in Charlestown, Virginia (West Virginia)
1861–63 - On April 21, 1861, Jackson leaves Lexington with 175 VMI cadets at the outbreak of the War Between the States.1 Jackson distinguishes himself during the ensuing two years as a brilliant and courageous officer and strategist. On May 2, 1863, Jackson is mistaken for the
enemy and shot by men of the Eighteenth North Carolina. Jackson’s arm is amputated, and he succumbs to complications from his wound on May 10. He is laid to rest in Lexington on May 15, 1863.

Jackson’s Marriages and His Descendants:

Jackson married twice. On August 4, 1853, Jackson married Elinor Junkin (1825–54), daughter of George Junkin and Julia Miller Junkin. Elinor died in childbirth on October 22, 1854. Their child, a son, was stillborn. On July 16, 1857, Jackson married Mary Anna Morrison (1831–1915), daughter of Robert Hall Morrison and Mary Graham Morrison. Anna’s family resided in North Carolina; her father was the retired president of Davidson College. Anna gave birth to a daughter, Mary Graham, on April 30, 1858; the baby died less than a month later. In November 1862, Anna bore a daughter, Julia Laura, the only Jackson child to survive into adulthood. She married William E. Christian in 1885; she died of typhoid fever in 1889, at the age of twenty-six. Her children were Julia Jackson Christian (1887–1991; married Edmund R. Preston) and Thomas Jonathan Jackson Christian (1888–1952; married three times). Both of Jackson’s grandchildren had several children; thus there are many living descendants of Stonewall Jackson.—From the Virginia Military Institute Archives

Happy Birthday General.

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