02 January 2009

Your Grandpa's Diet Plan For 2009

As usual, an excellent post and piece of advice from one of my favorite blogs - The Art of Manliness:

"Pile on the protein and fats. Grandpa would have thought a Snackwell’s fat-free cookie was a space rock fallen from the skies. He ate protein with every meal-bacon and eggs with breakfast, turkey sandwiches for lunch, and meatloaf for dinner. Recent studies have disproven the theory that saturated fat is bad for you; it’s refined carbs that will truly bring about your downfall. Eating fat and protein boosts your testosterone levels; no wonder Gramps was always ready to swing an axe or shoot an elk. Protein provides muscle building nutrients and keeps you satiated for hours. Dig in."

Read the rest of the "Real Man's" diet plan for 2009 here.

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