27 February 2009

Debunking Myth

The CW blogosphere is awash with "myth debunking." Well, here's another myth debunker. Though not WBTS related, it is historic in nature as it would seem we are on a crash (literally) course in repeating one of the worst periods of our history.


S. Campbell said...

Mr. Williams,
Thanks for posting this. This is the same kind of stuff I have been trying to tell people. Those people in Washington must not have received a very good grade in history.

I recently read about the panic of 1907. Bankers dumped millions of their own money into the stock market to get it going again, but after a few days the market started to go down again.

Imagine, the same thing, but on a much larger scale with a trillion dollars dumped into the system from the federal government. Things might look good at first, but in the long run everything will start to slide down again.

We very well may be headed to a repeat of the worst time in our country's history, but because there is so much more money involved this time it may be worse.

Several years ago my neighbor and I were talking about how we both felt that hard times were coming and it looks like we are almost there.

Did you hear about the Tea Parties that went on all over the country today?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Steve. It never ceases to amaze me that the so-called experts are so often the ones who are the most wrong on any given subject. It's truly a fact that we would be better governed by 535 people chosen randomly from the phone book.

S. Campbell said...

Very true.