12 February 2009

End Black History Month? I Don't Think So

A few weeks ago, a Republican strategist in Virginia called for ending Lee-Jackson Day (for purely political and power-hungry reasons, I might add - typical political, finger-wetting opportunist).

Now comes a call for an end to Black History Month. Read the piece here.

As I am opposed to ending Lee-Jackson Day in Virginia, I am also opposed to ending Black History Month. African-Americans have a unique and bitter-sweet history in our Nation that goes back beyond its founding. I don't think one can fully understand American history without understanding that aspect of it - especially in the South. Black History Month contributes to that understanding and should be continued. If nothing else, I am consistent here in my support and defense of commemorating our Southern heritage - all of it.

Now, to those who think that ending Lee-Jackson Day is a good idea, can we expect the same consistency from you regarding Black History Month or, will you be as selectively biased here as you are in most other areas regarding history? No need to reply. I already know the answer.

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