11 February 2009

A Fair Lib

"Too many *Democrats have become arrogant elitists, speaking down in snide, condescending tones toward tradition-minded middle Americans whom they stereotype as rubes and buffoons. But the bottom line is that government surveillance of the ideological content of talk radio is a shocking first step toward totalitarianism." ~ Camille Paglia

Ms. Paglia is one of my favorite libs (and academics). Though we would disagree on a number of issues, I find her common-sense approach and fairness refreshing. Read the rest of her interesting piece here.

(*I would include a number of Republicans as well, though its no secret that most of this attitude finds a comfy home in the modern Democrat Party.)

And then there's this:

"The Washington press corps at the dawn of the Obama administration is far more specialized and less interested in reaching average Americans than it was just a few years ago."

I guess it's only the wine and cheese crowd that count in this "new era." You're really not surprised, are you?

More here.

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