22 February 2009

Hat In Hand To China

Please, Communist thugs, prop up our morally corrupt, bankrupt Nation.

How disgusting.

Of course we need more money from the Chinese--since many of Obama's appointees are tax evaders.


Geek Dad DBA said...

How low we have sunk as a nation. We are begging Communist's to buy our debt so that we can continue to not deal with the consequences or our own actions. Sad.

We live in a morally relative time, where most folks don't have a problem with this. When I was a child, we were told that Communism was wrong and we only dealt with them as a nation, if they did something positive for all of us. (such as free elections etc..).
Now we indirectly show the world that there system is not only doing better than ours, but we need their help.

It is truly sad, what we have become as a nation. We need to accept responsibility for our own actions and the consequences it might bring. I am not talking about bread lines etc.. but the fact that we may not ALL get to live in mansions and drive BMW's. These are not birthrights!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

It's moral insanity. We divested from South Africa over Apartheid, but go begging slave-state Communists for funding.