09 February 2009

A Lot In The Works

I am currently engaged in several historical projects that are on-going. Some exciting developments are underway, but I'm not at liberty to discuss them presently. These involve everything from the Chaplains Museum to some new film and writing opportunities. I hope to post on some of these soon.

One thing I'm going to disengage from is the time-wasting process of debating/commenting on other CW blogs, especially with those who seem to delight in Southern heritage bashing. My experience has been that it is a huge waste of time as you change no minds and when you do begin to win the argument, or score points, debate is shut down or obfuscated or comments are allowed that become personally insulting. It is a huge waste of time. My thoughts and comments will be posted here when such topics need to be addressed, most of which are non-thinking, ad hominem, ad nauseum attacks on individuals and organizations and, therefore, undeserving of a response. Its also better to respond here as I can keep the idiot comments out--the older I get, the more difficult it becomes to suffer fools.

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