10 February 2009

Save The South - Buy A Hyundai

"The South's attempt to kill the North's auto industry is the latest battle in an ongoing conflict. It's time for a Third Reconstruction to put an end to it."

And . . .

"Today the division is no longer between slave and free states, or agrarian and industrial states, but between two models of industrial society — the Northern model, based on adequate public service funding and taxation and unionization, [also known as "bankrupt & failed"] and the Southern model, based on low-tax, low-service government and low-wage, non-unionized, [also known as "profitable & successful"] . . ."

And . . .

"The alternative to the Southernization of the U.S. is the Americanization of the South -- a process that was not completed by Reconstruction and the New Deal and the Civil Rights era, which can be thought of as the Second Reconstruction. The non-Southern states, through their representatives in Congress and the executive branch, and with the help of enlightened Southerners, need to use the power of the federal government to put a stop to the Southern conservative race-to-the-bottom strategy once and for all." ~ Michael Lind, Slate Magazine

It should be pointed out that Mr. Lind has made South-bashing one of his favorite pass-times, so his idiotic, socialist rant is not surprising. Read the rest of his piece here.

By the way, I own two Hyundais, and, thanks in part to Mr. Lind, I'll probably buy another one. (Actually, I've been very pleased with both of them.)


Fisher Ames said...


Abiding by the rules of the free market and out-competing Northern companies is a great enough sin to call for a Third Reconstruction and the "Americanization" of the South?

I am nigh speechless on the stupidity of that view.

F. Ames

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

My sentiments exactly.