03 February 2009

The Terri Schiavo Story

The tragic story of Terri Schiavo has, for most Americans, become a faded memory. But now, thanks to Ken Carpenter and Franklin Springs Family Media, the account of her heart-wrenching ordeal will forever be available to those who believe in the sanctity and value of human life. Narrated by well known Christian author and advocate for the disabled, Joni Eareckson Tada, the film matter-of-factly describes the injustices that Terri's parents and siblings endured during their courageous battle to save her life. While the film boldly promotes the Biblical view of the value of life, it does so without the hype and emotional sensationalism presented by the secular media. With an almost subdued quality, expert opinions provided by Christian medical ethicists, attorneys, and clergy clearly present all the facts of this landmark legal battle--even the attorney who fought so hard to end Terri's life is given ample opportunity to present his views.

As our Nation faces an ever-increasing assault on the sanctity of life, this film is a must see for those who wish to understand the battle lines being drawn. I highly recommend it for churches, Christian schools, homeschool groups, and families.

(Franklin Springs Family Media is the same company that produced Still Standing - The Stonewall Jackson Story, which was based on my book about Stonewall Jackson and his black Sunday school class.)

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