26 February 2009

Was Only Southern Slavery Evil?

"Yet spending in the name of economic recovery has reached record levels. That will make it harder for the U.S. to get tough with Beijing on human rights or threaten economic penalties during a diplomatic dispute", said George Foresman, a former Homeland Security undersecretary who now provides security consulting to financial companies. When Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton traveled to China this month, she said human rights concerns could not interfere with talks about the economic crisis."

Doesn't that sound eerily similar to the South's economic justification of slavery?


How China Hides Its Slave Labor From The Free World

America Funds Slave Labor

Since President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton are both outspoken advocates for civil and human rights, doesn't this situation legitimately raise some credibility issues? Where is the outcry from the left? Where is the outcry from anyone?


Pam Walter said...

For a Christian perspective on slave labor in China and its relationship to the persecuted church there, I highly recommend the book "Safely Home" by Randy Alcorn. www.satisfiedsole.com

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thank you Pam. I'm always appreciative of book recommendations.

Pam Walter said...

If you read it, I would really like to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Pam. I'll put it on my list, but can't make any promises. My stack grows every day!

Greg Rowe said...

This might amaze you, but I agree with you on this issue. Even today, our elected and appointed leaders ignore a great many things that violate our republican principles in the name of economic benefit.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Not amazed at all Greg. It's a pretty clear example of rank hypocrisy. I think it also calls into question politicians' (of all stripes) real sincerity when it comes to human and civil rights.

Most politicians today simply use "civil rights" issues for their own quest for power. It's disgusting.

It's also instructive when considering how these pols will condemn Southern slavery and the South's Jim Crow era (and rightfully so) yet, give China a pass.