17 March 2009

And You Thought I Was Hard On Academics

For a scathing piece on academics and the disaster they have wrought, *read this piece. Below is an excerpt:

At the top rung of the system (in reputation, at least) are the Ivy League colleges, which have long been diploma mills producing legions of dumba****, schemers, and charlatans by the bushel, every graduated brain stuffed with the irrational ravings of select madmen and emptied of any shred of humility. Chock full of an insatiable urge to "plan" and the ignorant arrogance to see it through, they are released upon humanity like a viral plaque to assume their rightful positions of leadership, forever after to blunder the world into one disaster or another.

From Princeton graduate Woodrow Wilson, who gave us World War One, the War on Drugs, and the income tax, to Yale and Harvard product George W. Bush, who gave us Iraq, Afghanistan, the Patriot Act, and turned America into a pervasive surveillance society, the mark of the Ivy League graduate has been nothing but bloodshed and fields filled with skull and bones, corruption of the idea of education, and a vast wasting of wealth and liberty.

And . . .

Understood properly, America’s college system is not a haven of learning; it is a four-year party with the background noise provided by tenured hacks giving their interpretations of foolish utopian schemes culled from other long-dead hacks.
Oh my. As one of my favorite quotes so simply, yet so profoundly, illustrates:

"I can't give you brains, but I can give you a diploma."
~ The Wizard of Oz

The Wizards are in charge - for now.

*Disclaimer: This piece is a little edgy and I do not agree with everything the author writes, but he makes some valid points and he will make you think, assuming you have a brain.


James F. Epperson said...

As a graduate of the University of Michigan, I agree the Ivies are somewhat over-rated ;-) (OK; very over-rated.) In Ann Arbor you can buy a T-shirt that says: "Harvard: The Michigan of the East." My cousin, who went to Harvard's Divinity School, hates it when I wear that to family gatherings.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

"Harvard: The Michigan of the East." My cousin, who went to Harvard's Divinity School, hates it when I wear that to family gatherings."

You're a brave man James. Are you bigger than your cousin?


James F. Epperson said...

I'm bigger, and she's female. Now her husband ...

chaps said...

At my alma mater, we had a t-shirt that read:

"M.I.T.- the Georgia Tech of the North."