16 March 2009

Mrs. Williams Believes This Is Nonsense

My wife thinks this is nonsense, so does at least one Scotsman:

"Gender-neutrality is really the last straw. The Thought Police are now on the rampage in the European Parliament . . . 'I will have no part of it. I will continue to use my own language and expressions, which I have used all my life, and will not be instructed by this institution or anyone else in these matters,' he said." (I think he must be descended from William Wallace.)

What do the academics in the audience think? Dare they speak out? We'll see.

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chaps said...

I have a couple degrees, engineering and theology, but I sincerely hope I am not considered an academic. That said, you can bet that there are plenty in US academe and Congress who think this is something we should adopt here.