18 March 2009

New SCV Sesquicentennial Scholarship

Several months ago, I was asked to serve as committee chairman for a new college scholarship being offered by the Army of Northern Virginia/Sons of Confederate Veterans. As I already have enough on my plate, I was somewhat reluctant at first but, I accepted and hope my contribution will be worthy.

The scholarship is essay based and one of my responsibilities was to assemble a panel of judges. There are five judges and I must say I'm quite pleased with the quality and diverse background of our panel members. We have two university professors (one English, one history), two homeschooling fathers, and one public school history teacher. One of our judges is also curator for a new and unique American history museum. All are knowledgeable when it comes to the War Between the States. All have had articles and/or books published on subjects related to the WBTS.

This year, the scholarship amount is $1,000. It is our intent to increase that to $5,000 as soon as possible, perhaps by next year. Ultimately, we would like to be able to offer $10,000. This scholarship will run through the years of the Sesquicentennial commemoration: 2009-2015. The objective of the scholarship program is to acquaint young people with the history of the War Between the States during the Sesquicentennial of the conflict. Each year will have a different theme and this year's theme is Harper's Ferry. The scholarship is open to all public, private, and homeschool seniors who reside in the states of Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, or West Virginia. Financial need is not a requirement.

Complete details including rules, an application, and qualifications of our judges can be viewed and downloaded here. I would request that my fellow CW bloggers, CW buffs, educators, and parents share this information with as many students as possible. As we all know, economic times are tough and even one thousand dollars can assist a young person interested in furthering their education. The deadline for essay submissions is 30 April 2009.

Thanks in advance for your help in spreading the word.

(Painting by Mort Kunstler: The Professor From Virginia)

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That's a good painting...wow. One "issue" I have with Gods and Generals, the movie is Jackson always has gold braiding, etc....