25 March 2009

PC Schizophrenia (Just One Example)

Some of you may remember the controversy at Johns Hopkins University last fall over the Sons of Confederate Veterans being denied use of the JH facilities. (I posted on it here.) The SCV had been using their facilities since 1988 and had included a number of other patriotic organizations in their event, including the Sons of Union Veterans. No matter, political correctness rules our "open-minded" universities, as noted by a JH spokesman:

As for the change of heart this year, the spokesman said that there were complaints last year and that “we choose not to have the Confederate battle flag carried across our campus . . ." (Shouldn't that be spokesperson?)
Apparently, sensitivity to certain groups and "symbols" by academics does not extend to an upcoming "Sex Show" at William & Mary. You can read columnist Mona Charen's piece on this here.

She notes:

The college president wasn’t thrilled about the show, but declined, as he put it, “to be a censor.” Instead of forbidding the performance on campus, W. Taylor Reveley III insisted that audiences as well as those who find the show “offensive and degrading” participate in a forum to discuss issues raised by the show at its conclusion. Here are a few ideas for discussion: Doesn’t presenting such a show trivialize and possibly even encourage the degradation and exploitation of women inherent in “sex work” (a.k.a. prostitution in the real world)?
Apparently, censoring historically accurate symbols and excluding patriotic organizations from using a college facility is sanctioned by the PC police but doing so for perversion and shows that degrade women is not. Interesting logic, isn't it? Another teachable moment which, once again, shows us that the purveyors of political correctness in academia have absolutely no credibility and are fast becoming a laughing stock outside their insulated from reality, self-absorbed, self-contained ivory towers.

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Brboyd said...


Its ALL about sex. When you get some time, take a look at the documentary done on the Weathermen Underground. It was produced by a socialist and so one would expect it to be shown in a good light. One of the members freely admits that part of why he joined was so he could enjoy the orgies! They are all warped.