03 March 2009

Writing Update

I recently had an interview piece with a well known WBTS personality accepted for publication. This piece will appear in a regional popular culture type publication and not in a magazine that CW buffs would typically read. But that's ok, as it will reach an "new" audience and expose them to some interesting WBTS information as it relates to the upcoming Sesquicentennial.

Also, I was contacted earlier today and asked to submit a piece to a University publication. This particular school, though located in a Southern state is "majority minority" school, including African-American and Hispanic students. My topic will be WBTS related, of course, and about a topic with which I'm very familiar. I'm anxious to see how it will be received. I continue to be amazed at some of the people who are familiar with my writing and work and the influence it appears to be having. More later.

And . . .

Other book news coming soon. Stay tuned.

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