01 April 2009

Liberty Civil War Seminar - 2010

The topic for Liberty University's 14th annual Civil War seminar will be The Cavalry. I've been notified that the Dean of Civil War historians, Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr., will be the keynote speaker at Friday night's banquet. Also, Dr. Brian Wills (who also spoke at this year's seminar) will be speaking during Saturday's session. Dr. Wills' topic will be Nathan Bedford Forrest. That should be interesting. Also returning will be Mr. Ken Elston who is Professor of Theater at George Mason University as well as artistic director for the Gray Ghost Theatre Co.

(I earlier promised some posts on the most recent seminar this past weekend. However, I've been occupied with the exchanges and discussions regarding my last post. Hopefully, I'll be able to post on the Liberty University seminar by the coming weekend. I think readers will find my comments, photos, etc very interesting.)

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