04 April 2009

Of Health Centers & Hot Dogs

(This has nothing to do with the subject matter of this blog.) Recently, due to the constant harping and prodding of my wife, I joined a local health center. I turned 51 in January and, despite the fact I walk regularly, I was becoming horizontally challenged (PC language for fat).

Yeah, that's right, a health center - lots of sweating fat people in spandex. Really gross. I don't go in for spandex. When I go to work out, I wear cotton sweats, Nike's, and my CWPT hat. I don't really fit in.

Any way, my first day (a few weeks ago), I was treated to a tour of the facilities - several weight rooms, indoor tennis courts, indoor track, pool, all kinds of treadmills in front of widescreen TV's, biking machines - you get the picture. But the item that finally convinced me this was not going to be so bad after all was the facility's eats area. When I first walked in, I saw pretty much what I had expected: lots of organic-type weirdo stuff, tofu, green teas, energy drinks, protein meals, etc, etc. But then the daily special caught my eye. On a big handwritten sign:

All members receive 10% off our grilled hot dogs!

Yeah, I'm gonna like the health center.

I'll have two with chili, nacho cheese, mustard, onions, and relish. Oh yeah, and a diet coke. And hurry please, I have a date with a treadmill.


Pam Walter said...

Your gym is better than mine; all it serves is healthy drinks and protein bars! www.satisfiedsole.com

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Actually, its a pretty good marketing ploy. Keep your members chubby so they'll keep coming back.


Anonymous said...

dang, beats my gym here in Central Florida! I did six miles on a treadmill this morning. Now I have yet another reason to move to Virginia!

R.B. Hill
Lakeland, FL